Friday, 4 December 2009

Stop the World ~ I Want to Get Off

Stop the World ~ I Want to Get Off
Thanks to Marie Gordon for passing on this
delightful verse from Suzanne Parish
Sunlight on the mountainside
Mist among the trees
Dew upon the meadows
Gentle Highland breeze.
A babbling brook, a fleeting swift
An eagle soaring high
A dragonfly, wild raspberries
A blue and cloudless sky.
A tiny bridge, so white and clean
Hovering above the stream
Where water tumbles rushing by
Kissing the pebbles where they lie.
A scampering vole, a hint of pine
The sound of summer rain,
And when it's gone I think I taste
The smell of woodsmoke down the lane.
A hamlet of white houses here
Clustered in the Glen
A friendly wave, a kindly word
Where time has stopped for them.
If I could leave my bustling life
And find a place to be
I know it would be here I choose -
The mountains, sky and thee.
Suzanne Parish