Friday, 4 December 2009

Hall Committee AGM

Hall Committee AGM
by Maria Trygger
It is hard to comprehend that almost a year has
passed since the new hall committee was formed.
This year was busy and successful and enormous
thanks must be extended not only to the dedication
of the committee members but also to the tireless
efforts of the many supporters without whom the
events such as the Strathconon Games, several
ceilidhs and the craft fair (to name but a few!)
simply would not happen. The committee may
make the overall decisions on these events, but we
cannot make them the successes they have been by
The Hall Committee AGM will be held on
Tuesday 1st December at 7.30pm.
The AGM agenda will be simple: to review the
year and to fill committee posts. As per the
committee’s constitution, all post holders must
stand down at the AGM although they can (and
hopefully will!) put themselves forward for reelection.
Some current post holders are not able to
offer their time for another year for various
reasons, so please consider volunteering for these
posts. Some current members may wish to be reelected
in a new role, and that’s fine too. The main
thing is that we have a full committee by the end
of the evening.
If you absolutely don’t want to be a committee
member, why not consider volunteering for one of
the working groups instead? These groups are the
committee’s first port of call for additional
assistance with the various events.
It is proposed* by the current committee that a
separate meeting be held on Wednesday 9th
December at 7.30pm to plan the Glen Christmas
Party [*but check with a Committee member].
So, thank you once again for your support over the
past year and I hope to see you all at the AGM.
Remember, the Hall Committee is here for you! ~