Friday, 4 December 2009

Autumn in Strathconon

Autumn in Strathconon
The older school children have been trying hard to
improve their descriptive writing. They worked in pairs
to produce these wonderful descriptions of the glen in
autumn. We hope you enjoy them!
Aileen MacQueen
In Strathconon as the autumn mist rises above the
frosty pond, ducks can be heard quacking, even
louder than the children’s laughter.
Large red deer roar triumphantly on the bracken
covered hills. Clear waterfalls are gushing over the
Frosty bare trees tower above the houses nestling
in the hillside. As you go past fields on a cold
autumn morning you can hear the black and white
sheep baaing.
The nights are getting colder - it’s nearly winter!
by Keith & Dylan
Strathconon is a heavenly place in autumn.
Flocks of birds tweet softly, as they fly south for
the coming cold winter. Geese fly over head in an
arrow head formation.
As you walk on a cold morning the noise of golden
brittle leaves crunching under foot reaches your
ears before any other sound. Children, run happily
around chestnut trees looking for fallen conkers
among the piles of rotten leaves.
The almost bare beech trees now have only a few
small yellowish leaves clinging onto their narrow
Dying bracken lies on the hard frosty ground.
Green wavy grass sways gently as the red deer
come down from the high hills to munch on it.
Stags roar loudly, their breath showing in the crisp
clear air. A glistening waterfall crashes onto the
jagged rocks at the bottom of a steep hill.
The dark nights are starting to creep in, frost
glistens in the morning, it is autumn!
by Maddie and Hamish
Autumn is arriving in the glen!
All kinds of shapes of leaves are changing from
green to orange, red, yellow and brown. Running
through the leaves in the dark forest is a deer, with
its brown furry skin camouflaging it, so it can
hardly be seen.
Sadly, the swallows have to leave in autumn but
hopefully they will return again in spring.
Next to the school the fast flowing stream splashes
onto the hard rocks.
You feel the warm wind blowing against your face,
it can be quite relaxing.
Halloween is in autumn, so get ready, and be
excited for the biggest spook of your life! Lit up
orange pumpkins are ready to give you a fright! In
the attic is the spooky ghost moving around waiting
for its release, so be careful and watch out!
On bonfire night every November you see swirling,
whooshing and crackling fire works everywhere!
They explode in the air, it is beautiful!
by Martha and Alex

Autumn in the glen is one of the greatest times in
the world!
In the morning cobwebs can be seen glittering on
the bushes. The sun shines down on brown and red
leaves as they drop from the strong tall trees.
Foxes run through the forest in the fallen crunchy
Smoke goes up into the bright blue sky.
Rain falls on the misty mountains.
The cold frosty morning makes you think that
snow will soon be coming.
by Megan, Charlie and Ms M
On an autumn morning the crisp mist freezes the
You can hear the glistening water from the
waterfall crashing on the rocks.
As the wind blows through the bushes and the
trees, the geese fly overhead in arrow formation.
Small birds tweet happily in amongst the trees.
In the forest the sweet smell of pine cones and the
fresh sap from the trees smells like heaven.
Different shades of brown leaves crunch when you
step on them and you can find huge conkers as
they crash down onto the ground.
Fireworks burst into the dark sky as the crackling
bonfire melts the paper Guy Fawkes.
by Jacob and Rory