Tuesday, 19 March 2013

*******Hall Committee News*******
Dates for Your Diary

Ghillie’s Ball- Saturday 23rd March 7pm -Contact Diane for details.
Spring Fair- Saturday 30th March- from midday onwards.
The Games - Saturday 27th July - Usual time and place!
The Hall Committee are going to have a Spring Fair on Saturday 30th March from midday onwards. There will be local stalls,... local produce and crafts. Teas, coffee, baking, soup and sandwiches will be available to purchase.
There will be a Kids lucky dip and a raffle with lovely prizes to be won.
Come along for a get together and catch up with friends. All welcome.
Wind farm applications.

The Hall Committee have recently submitted applications for additional new tents as the ones we have are very popular and have been a great use at the Games. Also five new tables and two trolleys for the chairs in the hall to make moving the chairs around a little bit easier. We are currently looking into the refurbishment of the roof insulation of the hall and replacement of the existing heaters. For future applications we plan to seek advice to have the entire back space of the hall redesigned. We are going to look into having new toilets and making better use of the kitchen area.
The wind farm fund is currently looking for applications to be made as there is money available to be applied for.
Please contact any of the committee members if you have any suggestions. This fund is available for the benefit of the community and all suggestions will and can be considered. Everyone is welcome to apply for what they think would benefit the community.
New Local Telephone Directory

A big thank you to Maureen Cowan for the new directory of local telephone numbers. She would like to make a couple of amendments. Firstly, she would like to correct Willie Fraser’s number from 219 to his new number of 296. She would also like to say a wee ‘sorry’ to Rob for getting his name wrong! He is not ‘Rab’ but ‘Rob’! :)
I am sure we will all find this list of numbers very useful and it was very kind of Maureen to give her time and effort in preparing this list.
Ventures New

We would all like to wish Jamie, Beccy, Hamish, Rory and Innes all the very best in their move to New Zealand. We will be very sad to see them leave. They have been a big part of the community and the school. We wish you all the very best. Here's a toast to a new beginning in your lives.
Be well, live free and enjoy life to the fullest,
Your friends in Strathconon