Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Party Time

Well Christmas has past now for a few weeks and what a Christmas we all had in Strathconon. The snow started on the 19th December, the big Christmas Party night!!

While we were all busy trying to get last minute shopping gifts, and such like, and lots of food preparations were going on in the Village Hall, the snow fell and fell and fell! We did wonder at one point if the band would even make to Strathconon! But thankfully they did, and thankfully many of you turned out to enjoy the delicious Christmas meal put together wonderfully and kindly by many of the locals, you all know who you are! A huge thank you to those who, cooked, peeled scrubbed, rolled, served, washed-up and enjoyed! With-out all these people who kindly give their time the Christmas Party just wouldn't happen! But we all had a great party, the kids enjoyed their gifts from Santa while the rest of us enjoyed great music and dancing and great friendly atmosphere with friends, made even better by the amount of snow that was falling outside! However the night was cut slightly short because of this as the band had to get home all the way to Foyers!

But a few of us carried on the festive feeling along the road, singing and dancing until the wee small hours where many got stranded in the snow and never made it home till the next afternoon!!

A great night was had by all, and the snow just kept falling and falling falling into the New Year where we all did the same again!! Here's to this year!!